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Yamada Yu

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  • Watch Mei-chan no Shitsuji online

    Mei-chan no Shitsuji

    Japanese Drama
    The story revolves around a young woman named Mei, who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento decides to enroll in a butler school so that he can stay close to her [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 9.41/10 (312 Votes)
  • Watch Seigi no Mikata online

    Seigi no Mikata

    Japanese Drama
    Yoko (Mirai Shida), a first-year high-school student, has been the victim of her older sister, Makiko (Yu Yamada), since they were little girls. Makiko treats Yoko as her personal servant, making her feel useless and stupid. Yoko has tried to tell others that Makiko is evil, but the older girl is good at showing a benevolent face to the world, so no one believes Yoko. Makiko becomes more demanding the older they get, even using Yoko to get boyfriends for her. One morning, when Yoko leaves home for school, she sees Makiko talking to Yoko's boyfriend, who is there waiting for her. Makiko has told him something embarrassing about Yoko, and Yoko can no longer stand it. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 9.47/10 (180 Votes)
  • Watch Binbo Danshi online

    Binbo Danshi

    Japanese Drama
    A poor college student, Kazumi Koyama (Shun Oguri)’s priorities are friendship and to make everyone happy. He never says no when people rely on him. With his strong ally, the consumer finance ATM, he buys dinner and takes on other people’s debts despite his poverty, while unopened bills are piled up at his door every day. When optimistic Kazumi finally gets an employment offer for a real job, he meets a policeman Shuzo Hikita (Norito Yajima) and an office clerk Mimi Nakahara(Yu Yamada) who works at the consumer finance company. Kazumi finds out from Mimi, that his debt now amounts to a million yen, and that his job offer could be ruined because of his debt. Both Shuzo and Mimi are in debt to a host club/bar owner/money loaner OmOm. He is actually the boss of the two gofers who defraud Kazumi of 200000 yen. Kazumi visits OmOm with Mimi and Shuzo to get his money back, only to put himself into OmOm’s money game with various challenges. Can Kazumi make the impossible possible with his optimism? [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 8.87/10 (76 Votes)
  • Watch Karei Naru Ichizoku online

    Karei Naru Ichizoku

    Japanese Drama
    Originally a novel by Yamazaki Toyoko, and later a 1974 movie, Karei naru Ichizoku depicts the conflicts within the Manpyo family, famous in Kansai's financial circles, amidst the tumultuous reorganization of the financial industry of the late 1960s. Unlike the book, the eldest son, Teppei, and not the father, Daisuke, is the central character of the drama. This drama is set in the late 1960s decade of Japan and depicts the rivalry between Manpyo Daisuke (Kitaoji Kinya), a powerful banker, and his eldest son, Manpyo Teppei (Kimura Takuya), the executive managing director of a steel firm. For reasons not yet entirely clear, Daisuke seems to dislike his own son and when Teppei finds out why, the Manpyo family is turned upside down. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 9.39/10 (54 Votes)
  • Watch VISION Koroshi ga Mieru Onna online

    VISION Koroshi ga Mieru Onna

    Japanese Drama
    Detective Asano Kazama, who is on disciplinary leave, tries to purchase incriminating photo(s) from Kitagawa Tadasuke, Ito and Minamida of a syndicate of swindlers. At that moment, to model Kurusu Reina, who is at the same store with her manager Kiyosue Koki, is called “Christina” by Kitagawa. The man goes up to her and tries to forcibly kiss her. Asano attempts to pull Kitagawa off, but the latter hits him and flees. Reina knows nothing about Kitagawa. The next day, Ito’s dead body is found. There is a high risk that the lives of the traitors Kitagawa and Minamida will be targeted. Having heard about Kitagawa, Asano goes to meet Reina one more time. Meanwhile, Kitagawa appears before Reina, who is at her own apartment. Neither her roommate Asakura Maria nor Asano can see this strange sight. Kitagawa has a bullet hole in his forehead. Reina believes what she has seen is the ghost of a murdered Kitagawa. The next time Kitagawa appears again, he tells Reina the location of his dead body. Half believing Reina’s words, Asano goes in search of Kitagawa’s dead body by relying on the strange images that Reina had seen, but … … [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2012 Rating: 9.07/10 (41 Votes)
  • Watch Gakeppuchi no Eri online

    Gakeppuchi no Eri

    Japanese Drama
    "Gakeppuchi no Eri" describes the turbulent life of Eriko (Yamada), who has been extremely poor since childhood, due to the debt left by her parents. Despite constant misfortune, she aims to achieve happiness and money by moving to Tokyo to pursue life as a manga artist. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 9.00/10 (26 Votes)
  • Watch Be-Bop High School online

    Be-Bop High School

    Japanese Drama
    Based on Kiyuchi Kazuhiro's popular manga series which ran in Weekly Young Jump from 1983, the story revolves around the lives of two rough-and-tumble high school friends Kato Hiroshi and Nakama Toru, who seemed to make a habit of getting into trouble and starting up fights. In keeping with the spirit of the manga, Toru and Hiroshi sport slicked back 50's style perms and adopted exaggerated swaggers that made them comical and yet also oddly cool. The drama also features an assortment of outlandish characters who sport even weirder fashions and hairdos. To describe the action in this drama, think Fight Club meets The Breakfast Club. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 8.87/10 (23 Votes)
  • Watch Fukigen na Gene online

    Fukigen na Gene

    Japanese Drama
    Yoshiko Aoi is a budding researcher in ethology, the study of animal behavior. "Men=male" are born unfaithful. But through her studies, Yoshiko learns it's not the males' fault. Rather, it's the fault of their genes, who work to replicate themselves by controlling the males' body. This is the sad, but commonly accepted theory of biology. What's even sadder is that Yoshiko's nickname is "Gene," because her name written in Chinese characters can also be read as "Jinko/Geneko." The love story follows Yoshiko's struggles with research and romance. -- Fuji TV [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 9.42/10 (19 Votes)